The Craxton String Quartet

About us:

After 30 years as a Molecular Biologist (with music always on the side) Molly Craxton wanted to devote her remaining days to spreading joy with music. The back story is here in words and pictures. Molly shares a link of descent with the well known British musicians, Harold and Janet Craxton. For that reason, her musical offerings are labelled with her surname. Molly plays violin and can organise a range of ensembles to play live background music: solo violin, string groups and mixed instrument groups. The string quartet format is ideal, as it can give voice to a vast range of musical ideas and moods. The Craxton String Quartet was born in 2018. Molly plays first violin in our  YouTube video debut.


The Craxton String Quartet are a group of classically trained, musically omnivorous generalists dedicated to professionalism. We can play almost anything in order to convey the right mood for the occasion. Our current repertoire surely has something for everybody and is listed HERE. If you can't find what you want on the list, then we can get it for you.

Booking: please contact Molly

Videography by James Ivey

Photography by Jean-Luc Benazet

Photography by Andrew Britton